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  Wisdom Teeth

Prairie Dental Centre

Proficient Wisdom Teeth Treatments in Leduc

For information on wisdom teeth treatments in Leduc offered by the family dentists at Prairie Dental Centre, browse the list below.

Experiencing Discomfort in the Teeth or Gum Area Near the Back of Your Mouth?

Wisdom teeth removal, also known as wisdom tooth extraction, is a common and often necessary procedure for people between the ages of 17 and 24, that we provide at Prairie Dental Centre in Leduc.

As wisdom teeth grow and emerge, they often become impacted, which means there is not enough space at the back of the mouth for them to properly function. Impacted wisdom teeth can often cause symptoms including intense pain, swelling, and infection.


After Wisdom Teeth Removal, It's Important to Facilitate Healing

Once the wisdom tooth extraction is complete, it is essential that your wounds start clotting so they can heal. Once the wounds start to heal, you must be careful not to disturb the affected area. Avoid rinsing vigorously, smoking, drinking alcohol, or drinking out of a straw. Be sure to take pain medication as prescribed, and to drink plenty of fluids.

Trust Our Dentists With Your Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

At our dental practice, we understand that oral surgery or wisdom teeth removal requires properly trained and experienced dentists to ensure the best results. At our practice, our dentists work to make the wisdom teeth extraction procedure as comfortable and relaxing as possible for each and every patient, reassuring and informing you each step of the way. We may also refer you to another trusted dentist who offers expert wisdom teeth removal in Leduc.



Don’t Wait Until Your Wisdom Teeth Start to Hurt – Contact Us for an Assessment Today

Since wisdom teeth tend to cause complications sooner or later, our dentists recommend that teenagers and young adults visit our practice for a dental exam so we can decide if wisdom tooth extraction is necessary.

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