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Meet Dr. Juan Eguren, BDS

Your Dedicated Leduc Dentist with a Passion for Preventative Dental Care!

Dr. Juan Eguren hails from Lima, Peru, where he attended Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia, graduating in 1986. Following his Canadian wife’s persuasion, he relocated to Canada and successfully passed the National Dental Examining Board in 1997. Dr. Eguren is passionate about Myofunctional orthodontics for children, aiming to prevent invasive orthodontic treatments in the future. His expertise extends to airways-focused orthodontics, implants and cosmetic dentistry, all of which rank among his favorite procedures. Notably, he achieved Fellowship status from the Pierre Fauchard Academy in 2022, showcasing his dedication to professional excellence.

Beyond his dental practice, Dr. Eguren enjoys leisure activities such as tennis and golf, although he humorously admits to being a less-than-stellar golfer. As an avid Edmonton Oilers fan, he passionately supports the team, and his appreciation for good food adds a flavorful dimension to his personal interests.

Dr. Juan Eguren looks forward to meeting you soon!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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