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Meet Dr. Stephen Cheng, DDS

Your Dedicated Passionate Family-Focused Leduc Dentist!

Practicing dentistry since 1988, Dr. Stephen Cheng embarked on his professional journey after graduating from the University of Alberta. With a genuine passion for all aspects of general dentistry catering to diverse age groups, Dr. Cheng finds immense fulfillment in assisting patients on their journey to optimal dental and overall health. Over the past three decades, he has observed the evolution of the dental profession and maintains a steadfast commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement, ensuring the best possible care for his patients.

Beyond his thriving dental practice, Dr. Cheng actively engages in dental volunteering both locally and internationally. As a clinical instructor at the University of Alberta, his alma mater, he contributes to the education of dental students. His international work includes dental missions to Bhutan, Nicaragua, Morocco and Tibet. Dr. Cheng values the trust his patients place in him and endeavours to earn that trust through dedicated care. In his leisure time, he channels his energy into sports, particularly soccer and long-distance running, to uphold his overall well-being. A family man for over 30 years, Dr. Cheng enjoys marital bliss with three grown children. Among his hobbies, he finds joy in cooking, gardening and delving into the study of world history.

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