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New Patients

To make payment for our dental services as convenient as possible, we accept a variety of payment options at Prairie Dental Centre in Leduc, including:

Credit cards: We accept Visa and MasterCard
Interac direct payments
Cheques (from existing patients only)
Insurance payments through EDI
0% Financing: Should you require financing, we can discuss 0% financing options with no set-up fees available for orthodontics, sleep apnea and snoring appliances, dental implants, and most other treatments.

Our Office Policy for Billing Insurance Companies:

Payments for all professional services are due the day of treatment.
We are happy to file your insurance claim on your behalf after payment has been received. Your insurance company will send reimbursement directly to you. We will allow assignment (ie. direct billing) from your first plan only if your insurance allows payment to the dentist, and we receive a fully detailed explanation of the amount being paid out to the dentist. In this case, patients will only have to pay the remaining balance.
As a dental provider, we do not have a contract with your insurance company.
We are not responsible for how your insurance company handles its claims, or for what benefits they pay on a claim. We can provide the information that your insurance company needs in order to minimize your time and effort in filing your claim. We can send a predetermination request to your insurance company to review your benefits, providing we know what your proposed treatment will be.
Most plans have a yearly maximum.
Your plan maximum may start in the calendar year or benefit year. Maximums can be separate under each service type or it can be everything combined. Insurance companies will not allow patients to carry over their maximum amount allowed. It is the policy holder and the patient’s responsibility to know what their maximum is, and how much is left of that maximum. The dental provider is not responsible to know what your insurance allows, and how much of the maximum is left remaining. We can provide patients with a total of your dental charges and the amount received by your insurance to help you calculate your remaining maximum to date. Treatment that has been pre-approved is conditional according to your maximum; so please check ahead before your appointment so that there are no unexpected expenses to pay.
Sending pre-authorizations to your insurance.
Once we have a treatment plan in place and the patient has booked the appointment to have the work done, the dental administrator will send in a pre-determination to the insurance. This will take about 3-6 weeks for the insurance company to reply. Most approval letters are sent to the policy holder, not the dentist. The patient should keep a copy of the approval letter and give a copy to the dentist. Without the approval on file, we cannot accept the assignment and the patient will be expected to pay the total amount. If there is a copy of the approval on file, the patient will only have to pay the remaining balance after insurance.
Please note we do not accept assignment of your second insurance for basic dental work.
We will accept assignment of both plans for major treatment only if we have, on file, pre-approval of the proposed dental treatment before your appointment date. We accept cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard.
Parents or guardians who bring a child in for treatment are responsible for payment.
If the dependent comes alone, and is under age 18, the parent or guardian is responsible for payment. We will need a credit card on file, or arrangements made, prior to providing any dental services.
Always check with your insurance periodically to ensure there will be no problems when submitting your claim.
Insurance policies are constantly changing. The contract number or member’s employee certificate number might be different than the last dental visit. The insurance company needs to be informed if there are any changes to your address, coordination of other benefits, or if there is someone added to your policy. Updating your records with your insurance company can take 2 -3 weeks to process. Contact your insurance as soon as possible to avoid problems with your dental claim going through successfully on the day of treatment; this could result in patients having to pay their total dental bill.
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If you have any questions about our office policies, please feel free to call (780-986-6255), email (, or come in for a visit.

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