Gingival Recontouring

Are Your Irregular Gums Negatively Effecting The Healthy Appearance of Your Smile?

Healthy, pink gum tissue is an asset to, and frames our teeth.

Aesthetic framing of the teeth by our gums is as important to the teeth as a frame to a beautiful painting. Tissue in the gums that is red, swollen, or asymmetrical detracts from the positive appearance of otherwise healthy teeth.

The first priority is to restore the gum tissue to a healthy state. That is, any inflammation must be reduced, and the tissue returned to a normal, pink colour. Once this is achieved, the shape and contour may be evaluated.

If necessary, our dentists will work with you to achieve a natural, subtle appearance to your gums. This simple procedure will leave your smile looking healthy and symmetrical.

Contact us today if you think your smile could benefit from gingival recontouring.