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General Dentistry

Prairie Dental Centre

Find a Complete Range of General Dentistry Services at Our Leduc Clinic

Comprehensive dentistry for all ages. From oral cancer screenings to regular cleanings for the little ones, we offer a wide range of treatment services for every member of the family! Browse the list below:

Dental Hygiene and Checkups

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing habitually are an important part of everyday dental care, but maintaining a healthy mouth also requires periodic visits to a dentist, like us in downtown Leduc.

Having your teeth professionally examined and cleaned regularly helps to make sure those dental diseases such as gingivitis and infection are properly diagnosed and treated. Some extensive dental procedures such as root-canal therapy, dental implants, and smile makeovers can often be avoided altogether with regular dental visits.

Maintaining Your Smile With Personalized Dental Hygiene

During a dental checkup or examination, our dentist will check your teeth and the health of your entire mouth. This assessment may include:


X-rays to determine whether tooth roots, fillings, and the structure of the jaw bone are in good health.
Oral cancer screening to detect any abnormalities or pre-cancerous lesions.
Periodontal examination to look for gum disease which may manifest in gum discolouration, swelling, and “pocket” areas where the gums pull away from the teeth.

Meet Our Leduc Dentists and Hygienists Dedicated to Your Oral Health

If you haven’t been seeing a dentist regularly, or are looking for a new hygienist or dentist, please contact us for more information.


Oral Cancer Screenings

Preventative Dental Care

At our dental office, we do everything we can to help maintain the health of your smile and prevent diseases that may compromise your oral health, including regular hygiene care and oral cancer screening.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are integral in ensuring lifelong oral health. During a screening, our dentist will inspect the soft tissue of your mouth to make sure you don’t have any abnormalities or lesions.

Our hygienists will also counsel you on the importance of preventive oral care, and educate you on what you should look for when inspecting your own mouth for irregularities.


Dentists and Hygienists Dedicated to Lifelong Oral Health

If you haven’t been seeing a dentist regularly, or are looking for new hygienists or dentists dedicated to your personal dental health needs, please contact us for more information.

Dental Fillings

Restoring Teeth With Dental Fillings

Even with daily brushing, harmful bacteria can enter a tooth creating a cavity that needs a dental filling. We can assess your teeth at our Leduc dental clinic to determine your need for white, silver or porcelain dental fillings.

In fact, 90 percent of adults worldwide get cavities, so it’s no surprise that most people have received a filling at some point in their lives. Dental fillings heal the damage caused by cavities, prevent further decay from taking place, and help you restore your teeth’s structure and strength.


Restorative Dental Fillings

Receiving a filling is generally a quick process. Our dentist may apply a local anesthetic when filling a tooth to make sure you are comfortable. A portion of your cavity will be cleared away to accommodate the composite resin (a restorative adhesive material) that will make up your filling. Fillings are multi-layered, and are hardened at each layer with a specialized light. When the process is completed our dentist will shape the filling and polish the tooth for a seamless fit.

Contact Us for a Dental Checkup Today in Leduc, AB

Not only do dental fillings restore decaying teeth, but they can also be used for cosmetic purposes by improving the colour or shape of teeth. Tooth-coloured fillings are virtually unnoticeable, making them a great method for both strengthening the composition of your teeth and conserving your smile’s natural look. Contact us today for a dental checkup to see if you could benefit from dental fillings.

Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

Do You Have Tooth Pain Due to Sensitive Teeth?

Many people in Leduc and Leduc County find they have tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking specific foods and beverages such as ice cream and coffee, or while sustaining temperature changes in the mouth. But there are ways to reduce tooth discomfort that is a result of sensitive teeth.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth can stem from a number of various sources. The most common of these sources is gum recession. It may be that over-aggressive tooth brushing has caused your gums to recede, further wearing your enamel and exposing your tooth's dentin.


Treating Sensitive Teeth

To remedy sensitive teeth, we make sure our patients begin using an extra soft toothbrush and show them proper brushing techniques. We also make sure you are using a non-abrasive, or non-whitening toothpaste.

Another reason why you may be experiencing gum recession is because you may be (consciously or subconsciously) clenching and grinding your teeth, thus exerting much wear-and-tear on your teeth and gums. Our dentist will prescribe a night guard to stop the grinding and clenching, and adjust your bite if needed, to ensure your bite force distribution is even and harmonious.

Gum disease can develop into health problems much more serious than tooth sensitivity, and should be immediately treated.

Contact Us to Remedy Your Sensitive Teeth Today

To discuss how we can help remedy your sensitive teeth at our downtown Leduc dental office, please contact us today.

Hygiene Sealants

The surface of your teeth isn’t flat, but rather is made up of jagged edges and grooves called pits and fissures.

One method of preventing cavities and decay from developing in these often hard-to-clean areas is to seal them off with a special sealant.

Similarly for older patients, in an effort to counter receding gums that result from aging and an increase of decay-causing bacteria, we offer a clear, anti-bacterial coating that can be applied to the surface of the teeth to help prevent root decay before it starts.

Dentists and Hygienists Dedicated to Your Oral Health

If you haven’t been seeing a dentist regularly or are looking for a new team of professional hygienists and dentists, please contact us for more information.


Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Dental cleanings

Scaling and root planing by a dental hygienist on a regular basis can be an effective treatment in the management of periodontal disease. Hygienists remove plaque and calculus from around teeth and up to 5mm beneath the gums.

Your comfort is our priority and, as such, our hygienist may use a topical or local anesthetic if desired. Depending on the extent of your periodontal disease we may recommend 12, 6, 4 or 3 month intervals between cleanings. In severe cases we may work in coordination with a periodontist (gum and bone specialist).

Good home hygiene and regular dental cleaning have been shown to increase the retention of teeth suffering from gum disease.

The Perio Tray® by Perio Protect: Non-Invasive Therapy for Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection that is hidden below your gums. Dental cleanings can effectively treat the bacteria, but when you return home the cycle often continues. Bacterial cells grow back in just hours after a cleaning, and toothbrush, rinse and floss can’t reach deep enough to address the infection at home.

The Perio Tray® by Perio Protect gently applies medication deep under the gums to fight the infections. You use it at home for just minutes each day. The tray is comfortable, flexible, and custom-fit precisely for your mouth.

With Perio Tray® therapy, you have a new chance against the infections. In addition to healthier gums, patients commonly report whiter teeth and fresher breath. If you’ve been told that you have gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis), ask our team if Perio Trays® are right for you. 

Contact Us to Discuss Treatment for Periodontal Disease

If you are experiencing sore, bleeding gums, or suffer from recession and loose teeth, you might need treatment for periodontal disease, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately or click to request an appointment online.


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