Dental Crowns

Restore Decayed or Worn Down Teeth with Dental Crowns

Teeth require dental crowns due to cracks, old damaged fillings, or bite problems. Our Leduc dental clinic can often complete a crown in one visit

.A dental crown is a protective porcelain shell or “cap” that fits over an original tooth or replacement post to restore function and aesthetic appeal.  

Traditional Dental Crown Procedure

First, our dentist will anesthetize the affected tooth and surrounding gums. We will then prepare the tooth for the crown and make a mold of it. The permanent crown to be fitted on the tooth is made at a laboratory, and usually takes from two to four weeks to complete. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown, until the permanent dental crown arrives at our office and can be carefully cemented into place.

CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) at Prairie Dental Centre, Leduc, AB

Your dentist may recommend you for a CEREC crown. CEREC is a technology that allows our dentists to measure, create, and affix the dental crown all in one sitting. Unlike traditional dental crowns which take multiple visits to place, CEREC allows our dentists to do it all in one visit, thanks to computerized 3D modelling and 3D milling. The result is a composite, porcelain, or zirconia crown comparable to those made using the traditional method. Dental crowns are also often used in conjunction with other dental procedures such as dental bridges, dental implants, and smile makeovers.

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