Seven Ways to Improve your Smile by Valentine’s Day

1. Whiten your Teeth!

In a matter of days you can whiten your teeth using trays made by a dentist using specifically made bleaching gel. You may still require whitening after a week, but they will already be much improved.

2. Resin Bonding to Reshape your Smile!

An economical way to reshape broken, spaced, irregular, crowded, or even stained teeth is to simply bond the teeth with white composite resin filling material. Within minutes you can have a beautiful smile to impress your beau or belle. The filling material may need to be replaced every 2-3 years- depending on how hard you are on them!

3. Porcelain Crowns!

If you have a heavily restored tooth, or a broken tooth, a porcelain crown can be made for it within a 2 hour appointment. By using CAD/CAM technology using a digital impression, a milling machine, and a special furnace, a durable and long lasting white porcelain crown can be made to restore your tooth!

4. Clean your Teeth!

Nothing wrecks a smile like plaque and calculus – it also tends to ruin your breath. A hygienist can clean away the plaque and calculus, and even remove the built-up stain from wine, foods and smoking! Bonus effects include a whiter smile, healthy and less-inflamed gums, and a more kissable mouth ;)

5. Freshen your Breath with a Rinse!

The worst bacteria in the mouth are in the back, so find a good non-alcohol mouth rinse and get gargling! This will clean away some of the nasty anaerobic bacteria, reduce the plaque coating on your tongue, and improve the health of your gums.

6. Replace Old Stained Fillings!

Old fillings can create stain and shadows that distort a smile. Old white fillings between front teeth can be replaced with new white fillings that match the whiteness of your smile. Old silver fillings can shade a tooth even if the filling itself is not visible. If the silver filling is small enough, you may be able to replace it with a white filling; if it is a large silver filling, a one-visit porcelain onlay or inlay may do the trick!

7. Brush and Floss!

This seems an obvious choice, but brush and floss your teeth before you head out on your Valentine’s Day soiree. Your date will appreciate it :)

Enjoy your freshened smile, and if you have any questions we are always happy to help!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Dr. Jack Gordon